Traces of a Continuing History: The Former Residence of Marquis Hosokawa / Wakeijuku

Dec 8 - 9, 2015

TOKYO | SOLO EXHIBITION 「面目と続行」展 和敬塾 旧細川侯爵邸


旧細川侯爵邸で開催された展覧会「TRACES OF A CONTINUING HISTORY」は、舘鼻則孝が、伝統工芸士と共に創作した様々な作品が初めて公開された展覧会です。日本の北陸地方を中心に、真鍮鋳物で制作された舘鼻自身をかたどった骸骨の彫刻作品など、匠の技を生かした作品は後に舘鼻の代表作となりました。


The exhibition "TRACES OF A CONTINUING HISTORY," held at the former residence of the Marquis Hosokawa, was the first exhibition to showcase the various works created by Noritaka Tatehana in collaboration with traditional craftsmen. These master craftsmen's works, such as a sculpture of a skeleton in the shape of Tatehana himself, created in brass castings mainly in the Hokuriku region of Japan, later became Tatehana's masterpieces.


Photo by GION