Kōgei meets Contemporary Art: Works of Nakagawa Mamoru and Tatehana Noritaka: MOA MUSEUM OF ART

Sep 1 - Oct 5, 2022

This exhibition showcases a collaboration between two prominent artists Nakagawa Mamoru and Tatehana Noritaka, who respectively represent a long-standing crafting technique and contemporary art, presenting the Heel-less Shoes Downtown I as an exploratory product of this collaboration.

Nakagawa Mamoru was originally an industrial product designer from Ishikawa. His career path transcended when he plunged into the world of metal art, being mesmerized by the beauty of inlay metalwork known as Kaga zogan. His work is highly appreciated for the poetic designs inspired by natural motifs and his unique technique of rendering gradations. In 2004, he was designated as a living national treasure in the category of metal carving technique in recognition of his invaluable contributions to Kaga zogan.
The Tokyo-born artist Tatehana Noritaka began building his successful career in contemporary art as he finished his studies at the Tokyo University of the Arts. His work has been highly acclaimed internationally, notably the heel-less shoes, which he first created as a student. This footwear, modeled on the elevated sandals for top-class courtesans, caught imaginations of many celebrities, such as Lady Gaga.



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